The Holidays Are A Stressful Time - Even For Your Dog

The Holidays Are A Stressful Time - Even For Your Dog

The Holidays Are A Stressful Time - Even For Your Dog

The holiday season is full of love, joy, and family. On the other hand, it also comes with the chaos of shopping lists, time limits, and the overwhelming stress of pleasing other people.

Many of us don’t think about how all of those factors also affect our pets.

Here are FIVE SIGNS your pet is STRESSED.

1. Is your dog SHEDDING? 

During times of increased stress, you will find your dog’s coat to be less shiny and flakier.

Losing fur is common among most dogs, but if you notice you can’t vacuum your floors enough without the fur balls collecting in the corner, it may be a sign your sweet pet is stressed.

2. Does your dog seem overly sleepy or constantly YAWNING?

It may seem normal but it’s important to take note if you hear you dog yawn along with a squeak or whine.

This is one way your dog is trying to calm himself and cope from anxiety.

3. If your dog is PACING this could be why! 

A dog that is stressed is often found to constantly pace around your house rather than sleep in their cozy beds.

Anxiety makes dogs restless and that can be seen when your pup can’t seem to sit still.

4. HIDE and seek isn’t always for fun! 

If your dog ducks behind you, scoots under the bed, or crawls behind the couch, that could be a sign of anxiety.

Allow your pup to feel less anxious by always getting daily exercise and constant love.

5. DROOLING might be a stress reliever for your pup!

If your pup seems to have shallow breathing or an excessive puddle left by their bed, take into consideration that their body may be going into fight or flight mode.

Excessive anxiety and stress on their bodies creates an adrenaline reaction that can quickly drain their energy, yet also keeping them feeling restless.

These tips are to inform you and your family on the subtle signs your pet might be trying to communicate to you about their stress levels this holiday session.

Keep in mind things that trigger stress in dogs like travel, unfamiliar visitors in your house, changing common routines, and giving them unfamiliar foods during special occasions.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to minor changes that humans might not think twice about!

Next time you find yourself stressed during the upcoming weeks, think about your pet too!!

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