Introducing our new pet sitting service! Our skilled team is passionate about providing top-notch care, ensuring your pets thrive while you are away. Expect tailored services, real-time updates, and a touch of joy for your furry companions.

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Pet Sitting Services in Big Canoe

  • Personalized Consultation: Before starting any service, we conduct a personalized consultation with you to understand your pet's needs, routines, preferences, and any special requirements.

  • Customized Care Plans: We can create tailored care plans for each pet based on their species, breed, age, health condition, and personality. This ensures that the pet receives individualized attention and care.

  • Daily Visits: We offer daily visits to the client's home to provide essential care such as feeding, watering, litter box cleaning, and playtime. Regular visits help maintain the pet's routine and reduce stress.

  • Dog Walking: We provide dog walking services for clients who have busy schedules or need assistance in exercising their dogs. We offer both individual walks and group walks, depending on the pet's socialization needs.

  • Medication Administration:  Administer medications, supplements or treatments as prescribed by the pet's veterinarian.  Ensure proper dosage and timing and maintain detailed records of medication administration.

  • Home Security Checks:  Conduct regular home security checks during pet sitting visits to ensure the safety and integrity of the client's property.  This includes checking doors, windows and alarm systems.

  • Communication and Updates:  Provide regular communication and updates to the pet owner, including photos, videos and written reports.  Keep the owner informed about their pet's well-being, behavior and any significant developments.


  • RATES:  Our rates are $25 per visit - Ask about our first time booking discounted offer!


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