Paws R Uz is a professional pet care company offering unmatched pet sitting and dog walking in the Big Canoe area. We promise you will have peace of mind knowing you have an experienced pet sitter who also lives in Big Canoe who will give your furry loved ones exceptional care while you are away.

Feel free to call, text or email me with any questions or would like to schedule a Meet & Greet

Call or Text

Diane Falink at: 763-238-7838

Email directly at:

More Information


Per Visit Fees

$20 / 15-20 minutes for 1 pet
$25 / 25-45 minutes or if you have more than 1 pet

Does your dog need a midday walk? Walking your dog is a very important part of his or her day. It isn’t just about exercise, walking will also help relieve your dog’s boredom when you are out for long hours. It’s also an opportunity to reinforce training and leash behavior.

Giving your dog a walk while you are at work will help relieve stress and keep him fit.

Working from Home

More and more people will continue to work from home but a busy schedule may not allow for you to get your pup out for a walk. We can help, we can quietly enter and leash up your dog without interrupting your day.

Back to the Office

Are you heading back to the office after the pandemic and you need help with the pup you adopted while you were home? We can help with any hours needed.

Away for a long day

Do you have friends or family in town and want to show them around? Do the kids have a sports tournament that will take you away for a Saturday? Don’t worry we have the pups, we can do a drop in visit to walk, play and make sure they get some fresh water and a midday treat. We’ll also say hello to the kitty if needed.

Post Operation

Do you need some help after surgery or an injury? Many people realize after an accident that they don’t know what to do about the dog, how they will get them out to potty or just a midday walk. We can schedule a visit to help you out, maybe two or three visits a day while you are recuperating.



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