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Holiday Travel with Your Pet

Holiday Travel with Your Pet

Holiday Travel with Your Pet

Holiday Travel Tips With Your Pet!


   We hope, no matter how you spend your holidays, they are full of love, laughter, and include your sweet pet. If you’re anything like my family, we love to travel for the holidays. The added stress of taking your pet through all the hustle and bustle of traveling can be avoided with many of our Airline Approved Products. Even with the right equipment, you may still have questions about traveling with your cat or dog.  Here are some important tips!

The Lux Pet Carrier & Tote $169.99 is the perfect accessory when traveling with your pet.  The Lux Pet Carrier is designed to be stylish and comfortable with soft, faux leather, creating a cushion for you and your pets.

Even the thick mat inside with the patented pee pad insert creates a nice cushion for your pets to have the most enjoyable travel experiences. 


Prior to departure:

Before leaving for your flight, it is important that you have completed these steps first. Don’t forget to take a quick trip to your local vet. Your dog or cat MUST get a checkup before going on your vacation.

Make sure vaccinations are current and always have your shot records on hand, just in case.

Another good thing to consider when traveling is to always pack your pet’s usual food. Traveling is hard enough. Try your best to keep as many things as you can the same. The little things matter to our furry friends. Don’t forget to pack the bottled water and snacks!

The Rio Classic Rolling/Wheeled Pet Carrier $200 is the perfect solution for zooming in and out of crowds at a busy airport.  Travel in style with the Petote Rio Bag.  This best selling carrier functions as a roller bag, backpack, and even as a car seat for your pet! Very functional and ideal for stress free travel with your pet. Roller bag functions include a retractable two stop handle and detachable roller wheels.

Also comes with comfortable backpack straps that also detach. The Rio also allows for maximum ventilation and exposure, interior bedding for extra cushioning


Flying with pets-Regulations:

-Federal regulation limits shipping live animals as excess baggage if temperatures are below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees for more than 4 hours. 

-Check with your specific airline on exact crate regulations due to variations in flights.

-When making your reservation, you make reservations for your dog.

-There are limits on how many pets are allowed on each flight, they are first come, first serve.

-Rabies and vaccination certificates are required.

-Your dog must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned

-Your dog must be checked by a veterinarian no earlier than 10 days before the flight.

Crate Traveling:

1.  Make sure your crate is large enough for your dog.  A good rule of thumb is to allow your dog to comfortably stand, turn around, and lie down without difficulty.

2.  Look for good ventilation on the exterior sides and remember to never have these vents blocked of airflow.

3.  Don't forget to include the Live Animal tag on the crate with all of your contact information.

4.  Keep your crate as homey as possible by including a comfy mat, your dog's favorite toys or treats.

This Guardian Gear Folding Collapsible Pet Crate $89.99 makes travel a breeze for pet and owner.

- Large mesh windows on four sides provide maximum ventilation.

- Side panels have flaps that can be rolled open or left closed depending on the weather.

- Faux sheepskin mat provide comfort.

- Matching carrying case has a side storage pocket.

- Easy set up and folds small enough to easily pack away.


The pet carrier options are endless for making travel with your pet seamless and stress free!



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