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Four Great Ideas on Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

Four Great Ideas on Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

Four Great Ideas on Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

The winter weather is coming - ready or not!  Whether you are from the north or south, it’s best to be prepared for the chilly temperatures that are heading your way. Not only will you need a coat, but your pet might too!

Here are a few important reminders on how to keep your pet warm during cold weather months.

1.  Always keep your dog on the leash when there is snow on the ground.

Dogs can easily lose track of their scent when it is covered by snow - this poses a severe threat to their safety and surroundings.

Not only will this increase the likelihood of losing your pet, but it can also increase the risk of dogs falling into icy waters. More dogs get lost in the winter more than any other time of year.

Keep their collars fastened!

2.  After letting your pet outside, use a warming pad.

The drastic change in temperatures can be difficult for your pet’s body to adjust too. A warming pad is worth the investment in order to ensure they can warm back up after being in the chilly snow for an extended period of time.

Our Thera-Pawz Warming Pad is the perfect Self-Heating Pad for both dogs and cats.  It's a great solution to combating the drafty air.

3. Never shave your pet’s fur during the winter months.

Let their coats thicken to allow them to better insolate their bodies when needed most. If you find your pet is shaking from the chilly air, dressing them in a cozy sweater and or pajamas is a great idea. 

Our favorite is the Sweet Dreams Dog Pajamas that are stretch cozy super soft cotton with an open tail end for potty breaks.  

4. If your pet suffers from stiff joints

Our Self-Warming Elevated Pet Cot may allow them to reduce the pain of arthritis and be a place to dry off after their outdoor fun is complete.

Paws R Uz offers multiple solutions to avoid the chill of the winter months for your pets!

We carry many dog and cat options such as the Self-Warming Elevated Pet Cot, the Self-Warming Kitty Sack, the Self-Warming Kitty Bed Hooded - we love these self warming beds because the self warming material radiates heat back to your pet to keep them cozy.

Any of these products are guaranteed to provide your pet with just the right amount of heat with overheating them.

No matter what style of warming bed you choose, they are all the perfect solution!

Hopefully these reminders will allow you and your pet to have a more enjoyable winter season.

Remember, if it’s too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet.

Be sure to keep these tips top of mind this winter so that you and your furry friends can stay warm, cozy and safe.

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