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How To Take Care Of Your New Up Country Dog Collar - Paws R Uz

How To Take Care Of Your New Up Country Dog Collar

How To Take Care Of Your New Up Country Dog Collar

You've just ordered your first Up Country dog collar from Paws R Uz and you are so excited to receive it and put it on your pup!  So the mail arrives and today is the day you received it.  So, of course, you and your fido are both eagerly opening the package and you take it out of the package.  It's perfect.  Perfectly clean and the fit is just right.  


You put the collar on your pup and go on with your day.  Your pup decides it's time to head outside for a run around the yard.  Unfortunately, what you hadn't noticed is the large puddle from last night's rain.  Your pup has the best time, laying in the dirty water hole and comes to the door head to toe in muddy water.


No Worries!  


It’s cleanup time for your pup and his collar.  Your pup can head to the tub and your collar can go straight in the washing machine after a quick rinse down.  Yup, Up Country Collars are built to last and will wash up like new in just a few steps.


  • Take it off and give it a quick rinse.  


  • Pop it in a delicates laundry bag or an old pillowcase tied at the top works too.


  • Toss in your washing machine on either hand wash or delicate cycle (cold) with your normal laundry detergent


  • Air dry flat and voila!