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One Minute Dog Training Tips - Paws R Uz

One Minute Dog Training Tips

One Minute Dog Training Tips

Pet owners often ask how much time should be spent every day training their dog.  Well, of course, it will depend on the age of the dog but it might make sense to breakdown your training into bite size 1 minute segments.


1.  Barking at Visitors or Others Passing By


Does your dog bark at the site or sound of someone approaching the door or walking outside past your home? 

The next time the UPS driver approaches your front door, get excited and yell, "Time for Treats" and run to grab treats and don't be stingy with them! 

Your dogs will quickly realize that each time you have a visitor or delivery, they will know it is a positive experience for them and not an upsetting one.


 2.  Coming When Called


First of all, you want to use a high pitched, happy tone when you call your dog because you want them to associate a good feeling with "come", not a negative, stern tone as they might think they are in trouble. 

Secondly, start off in the same room together and then slowly move farther apart.  You move to the next room, then the backyard, down the street, etc.  Your dog should be able to come 10 out of 12 times.

Third, whenever you start teaching your dog something new, you should have a pocketful of treats and ready to hand them over each and every time they do what you ask. 

Once they do that consistently, you can move to an occasional random treat for performing the behavior. 

Over time, your dog will just check in with you in case you've got a treat for them.  


3.  Dog Jumps When You Walk In the Door


Keep your greetings to your dog quiet and low key.  Be sure to ignore your pet if they jump on you.  If possible, turn around and walk back out the door. 

You may have to come in and out many times before your dog learns they only get your attention when they stay off.  Give these 1 minute tricks a try.

Remember consistency is key!