Sparkly Mermaid Glitter Cat Collar - Breakaway Collar


Mimi Green Cat Collars are just as cool as our dog collars but designed just for your kitty cat!

✔ Made with a lightweight, breakaway 3/8" wide plastic buckle

✔ It utilizes split ring so you can easily attach a bell or ID tag

✔ It’s made of washable nylon webbing so you can keep your cat's collar in new condition

✔ It’s made in the USA

✔ It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure

✔ Our Swiss velvet is is stain resistant + washable, plus it's super cool looking -- best of both worlds!

.::S I Z E S::.

Lil Cat: 6-10"
Big Cat- 9-13"