Sparkly Mermaid Glitter Cat Collar - Breakaway Collar: Big Cat (up to 13") / Gold

Highly Glittered Mermaid Sparkle Cat Collar, handmade with glitter ribbon sewn on top of our super strong nylon webbing! We've never seen a cat collar quite this sparkly, this glitter is on point! We love how these collars catch the light! ✔ Made with a lightweight, breakaway 3/8" wide plastic buckle ✔ It utilizes split ring so you can easily attach a bell or ID tag ✔ It’s made of washable nylon webbing so you can keep your cat's collar in new condition ✔ It’s made in the USA ✔ It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure .::S I Z E S::. Lil Cat: 6-10" Big Cat- 9-13"