Touchdog 'Toga-Bark' Over-The-Shoulder Pet Sling Fashion Pet Carrier - Cat and Dog Carrier with Built-in Storage Pockets for Hands-Free Carrying

  • The Toga-Bark Hands-Free Over-The-Should er Pet Sling is a Fashion Pet Carrier  designed to both look ultra-stylish while providing back support
  • This Cat or Dog Sling uniquely adjusts through the large stainless steel0 "O" ring that drapes down like a designer Toga outfit. This Dog Carrier also features a Built-in pocket that's great for storing treats or personal items when worn
  • Features Designer Embroidery, Patches and Details. The Sling is great for up-close bonding between pet and human.
  • Includes a Built-in Leash Securer designed to connect to any Collar, Leash or Harness inside for Safety
  • Available in Multiple Colors

The Touchdog 'Toga-Bark' Over-The-Shoulder Hands-Free Pet Carrier features a trendy Over-the-shoulder strap that is reverse stitched with an accented handkerchief plaided print. Engineered with a Hands-free construction that is perfect for pet owners on-the-go while assisting with proper back weight distribution that stretches over-the-shoulder and to the opposite side of the waist area. The over-the-shoulder straps are uniquely adjustable through a larger stainless steel "O" ring that drapes down like a designer Toga that provides fashion appeal. Inside the pet sling is a protective leash or harness connector for added security and safety.

Features above-mesh for sunview and ventilation. Features full-length and side pouches for added belongings decked with designer embroidery patches. The exterior shell is composed of a Cotton and Polyester blend that is both soft and comfortable. 

Sizing Specifications: (Inches) L x W x H One size: 19.9" x 11" x 6.1"