Touchdog ® 'Wiggle-Sack' Fashion Designer Front and Dog Backpack Dog Carrier - 3 Colors


The Touchdog ® 'Wiggle-Sack' Fashion Designer Front Backpack Dog Carrier is the perfect solution for those that want to stay closer to their pets while bonding or walking in high traffic areas and for those that want a hands-free experience when walking or multi-tasking. Features 4 inner stitched sleeves for placement of legs that comfortably hang while providing security and safety. Additionally, the Wiggle-Sack dog chest carrier features dual-sided zippers for convenient pet placement with a Hook-and-Loop accordion-stitched rim for further added security. The durable adjustable nylon straps enable this dog chest carrier to be worn as a backpack or frontpack. Composed of an Ultra-Soft brushed cotton exterior shell that's reversed with Soft Air-Pocketed breathable mesh along the back for added comfort when wearing.

  • This stylish Frontpack Pet Carrier can also be worn around the back and designed to completely secure your pet while walking around
  • Features a unique sling and Hands-Free carrying experience with adjustable and durable Nylon straps
  • Features Zippers on each side for convenient and easy leg pet placement with bunched above-top Velcro enclosures for added safety
  • Composed of Ultra-Soft brushed cotton and reversed with Soft Air-Pocketed mesh that's easier and placed less strain on the back


Dimensions (Inches) L x W x H
Small: 12.8 X 7.5 X 6
Medium: 14.2 X 8.5 X 7.5