Sherpa Waterproof Dog/Cat Blanket - Pee Proof Micro Fleece Triple Layered Blanket


100% Waterproof Triple-layered Versatile Blanket. This durable, lightweight Sherpa blanket can protect your bed/sofa/furniture from any liquid-leaks.

  • Pee Proof Dog Blanket, Micro fleece side of the blanket is made of durable water proof fabric, liquid will not make it through, never worry about your little friend wet the couch or comforter.  Machine washable on gentle cycle.
  • Great Waterproof blanket, measures 50x30 inch, you may use it cover the couch, sofa, bed, car back seat for large dogs, puppy or kitty. Keep you from wash bed sheet daily. Soft, Comfortable, Durable Pet Blanket, Sherpa lining on the blanket keep your pets comfy warm and dry. Doggie love it.
  • The main goal of this waterproof blanket is to prevent liquid leak through the blanket. A waterproof coating is applied inside the blanket to achieved the goal. However, the surface of the fiber itself is not waterproof , in order to provide the soft and comfortable touch.
  • Helps keep your pet hair away from furniture and upholstery, perfect for indoor use or inside your car or RV, anywhere a family pet hangs out.
  • Great gift for your lovely puppy dog, cat kitty or other small animals, cover your pets in softness with this blanket. super plushy, cozy, long and warm hence suitable during cold weather.


L: 57.07" x 64.96"