Nandog Cloud Reversible Cat and Dog Bed – Made of Ultra Soft Micro Plush Fabric – (22”x18”x10”) - 14 Color Choices


Elegant simplicity is the key to Nandog’s Reversible Dog and Cat Bed. The modern design announces its sophistication with understatement. No need for loud declarations of importance. The micro plush fabric envelops your dog or cat in comfort. The reversible material allows you flexibility with general cleaning and upkeep.

This dog or cat bed will go with any home color and décor scheme. Simple, clean, and an ideal den for your dog or cat. Give your dog or cat the gift of modern elegance and sophistication. Give yourself the gift of simplicity and ease of cleaning your dog or cat’s home. 


  • Modern design
  • Soft and cuddly fabric material 
  • Simple and clean look
  • The sophisticated look goes well with home décor
  • Filled with natural poly fiber
  • Multiple color choices

Support your pet

Whether you have a young pup who suffers from bouts of separation anxiety or an aged cat with sensitive joints, NANDOG Pet Gear has a comforting dog and cat bed to put them at ease. This plump pet bed offers the perfect spot for your small or medium dog or cat to hunker down and ride out a noisy storm or laze in a sunny spot beneath a window. Boasting a unique reversible design and machine washability, this beautiful dog and cat bed ensures that your fur baby always has a clean place to lay after a full day of play.

Ultra soft and sumptuous

Our cloud micro plush fabric is durable and eco-friendly in addition to offering a lush, cuddly feel that your pet will run to for comfort and relaxation. Natural poly fiber batting keeps aging joints well-cushioned, reducing pressure points and also insulating your pet against cold-hard floors. Double-stitched for durability and with 10" high sides for propping their adorable little chin on, the NANDOG Small Dog Bed establishes a personal zone where your Chihuahua, Bulldog, British Shorthair or Manx can rest and unwind.

Impeccably designed

This high-quality pet bed measures 22" x 18", the ideal size for a corner of your bedroom, living room or home office. From its stylish color that melds perfectly with your room decor to its innovative reversibility, the NANDOG Dog Bed stands out from other more plain-looking competitors. Machine-washable for easy care, it offers a pristine spot for your beloved Spot.



Interior Measurements - 16" x 13"

Exterior Measurements - 22" x 18"