Fur Cycle Collapsible Dog/Cat Pet Bike Basket - Folds & Collapses for easy storage


The Pet Life Fur cycle collapsible Dog Bike Basket easily straps on and connects to the font of the bicycle handle bars by both Nylon and Velcro straps. Features an inner safety leash that connects to any harness or collar for added safety when riding with a durable bottom to support proper weight. Composed of Durable Oxford Nylon with a surrounded lightweight steel metal frame for added support.

The Fur cycle also features a frontal Velcro pouch and mesh sided pockets for any added belongings and an zippered entrance at the zip for added visibility. Meant for smaller pets or puppies.

  • Attaches to the handle bar or back of any conventional bicycle
  • Features an above top zippered mesh opening for breathability and sun view
  • Features a safety leash attachment inside for added safety protection
  • Features a frontal Velcro pocket perfect for added belongings
  • Completely folds and collapses through the durable Metal framing, perfect for travel or storage

SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H: 14.97 x 9.84 x 9.84