Exquisite' Handbag/Purse/Tote Fashion Dog/Cat Carrier - 2 Colors - 14.6"L x 6.7"W x 10.6"H


The Pet Life 'Exquisite' Dog Carrier Features a Mesh Side Netting Entrance for Added Sun-View, Breathability and Easy Entrance. Features a Built-In Side Pouch. This Dog Carrier Features Full Mesh and Polyester Adjustable Sun-Roof closures for added light. Included within the inside of the Pet Carrier is a Built-In Leash Holder for added Safety Protection.

  • Features Dual Upper Mesh Closure Zippers
  • Mesh Side Netting for Added sun view and breathability
  • Mesh Side Entrance Netting
  • Side Pouch
  • Built-In Leash Holder

SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L*W*H 14.6 * 6.7 * 10.6