Chillz Dog and Cat Cooling Mat, - Pressure Activated Cooling Pad, Ideal for Summer - Non-Toxic, Self Cooling Gel Pad - No Water or Electricity Needed


The Chillz Pad offers a non toxic, pressure-activated cooling solution for your pet, for a less expensive option to our premium Cool Pet Pad.

Keep your pet cool and comfortable! 

Durable material.
Folds easily for storage.
No need for water or refrigeration.

Available in 3 sizes!

Medium: 19" x 15.5" x .25"
Large:  34.5" x 19.5" x .25"
XL: 37" x 31" x .25"

Add a Chillz Gel Mat Cover here!

Cool Pet Pad and Chillz Get Mat - What's the difference?

Although both our Cool Pet Pad and Chillz gel mat will provide your pet with a cool place to relax, there are some key differences between the two products. Our Cool Pet Pad is the more “premium” product. It has a firmer gel that will prevent the gel from moving around when your pet lays on it. This will offer a more cushioned surface than the Chillz pad because it will prevent your pet from feeling the floor or surface the pad is place on. The Cool Pet Pad also has reinforced edges to offer extra protection from potential rips or tears. We also have created covers that were designed to specifically fit the dimensions of the Cool Pet Pad. These covers are NOT compatible with the Chillz mat dimensions. The Chillz mat can be seen as a more discounted option to the Cool Pet Pad. It has a more “liquid” gel formula that will still offer the same cooling benefits of the Cool Pet Pad, but as we explained, the gel will be able to move around in the pad, will not have the reinforced edges or the option to purchase a cover along with it.

Your pet's body heat may cause the pad to warm over time.  When warming occurs, remove pet from pad.  Place pad in an area where the room temperature (ambient air) will cool and recharge the cooling pad.  

Cleaning and Storage Instructions:  Use soft cloth.  Clean with mild soap and wipe clean with warm water.  Allow to dry completely before use or storage.  Store in a cool, dry location.  If planning to store for an extended period of time, sealing the product in the plastic bag provided, may increase useful life.