Calm Paws for Cats - PURR Lavender & Catmint Calming Essential Oil 1 oz. - Easy to Use - All Natural


Lavender & Catmint Essential Oil Blend for Calming for Cats from Calm Paws

A natural essential oil blend that is perfect for helping calm your cat. Catmint essential oil already mixed in a ready to use formula that is safe and effective. Simply add a few drops to your pets food or water or rub a few drops on your pets skin to help relieve stress and anxiety.

  • CALMING – Gentle and calming Lavender & cat mint oils combine to provide soothing comfort to help calm your pet. Good for helping cats with stress related behaviors such as marking, restlessness, excessive meowing, and scratching.
  • NATURAL – 100% Natural essential oils.
  • BALANCED – formulated specifically for your pet with a balance of oil concentrations that are both gentle and effective, without overpowering your pet’s sensitive nose.
  • EASY TO USE – simple dose directions and easy to use dropper allow for quick and easy application.
  • PLEASING SCENT – Earthy mint with warm lavender tones.